John Hagel

John Hagel DIRECTOR & CO-CHAIRMAN OF DELOITTE LLP CENTER FOR THE EDGE Bio John serves as Co-Chairman at Strategy and Technology Center of Deloitte LLP. Mr. Hagel serves as Co-Chairman of Operating Unit at Deloitte LLP. He serves as a Business Advisor of Rearden Commerce Inc. He has been an Independent Consultant for nearly 30 years. His distinctive expertise involves [...] Read more

Jody Medich

Jody Medich SU STAFF, DIRECTOR OF DESIGN AR/VR Bio Jody is the Director of Design, where she provides design and innovation direction for corporate, startup and field impact teams. She employs a radical approach to Human Centered Design to create exponential solutions to the world’s toughest problems. She also speaks about Augmented and Virtual Reality for SU. In her 23-year [...] Read more

Nikolaos Mavridis

Nikolaos Mavridis FOUNDER & DIRECTOR, INTERACTIVE ROBOTS AND MEDIA LAB Bio Nikolaos Mavridis is the founder and director of the Interactive Robots and Media Lab (IRML), and a PhD graduate from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. He has served as faculty at numerous institutions worldwide. Before his PhD from Massachusetts Institute of Technology, he was awarded an M.Sc. from the [...] Read more

Larry Keeley

Larry Keeley PRESIDENT, CO-FOUNDER AT DOBLIN GROUP; MANAGING DIRECTOR OF DELOITTE CONSULTING, LLP Bio Larry Keeley has worked for over three decades as an innovation scientist. He helped pioneer the specialized field of innovation effectiveness, and has taught thousands of Masters and PhD innovators both at Kellogg’s MMM Program and at Chicago’s highly regarded Institute of Design. A globally recognized [...] Read more

David Baltaxe

David Baltaxe CHIEF INTELLIGENCE OFFICER, UNANIMOUS AI Bio David joined Unanimous AI to pursue his passion and expertise in market research, computer-mediated communications and product development. A skilled analyst and amateur bee keeper, David holds a Master’s Degree from the University of Florida’s School of Journalism and Communication, specializing in computer-mediated communications. David was the founder and chief executive of [...] Read more

Dimitris Vassilakis

Dimitris Vassilakis MUSICIAN Bio An internationally acclaimed, award winning Greek saxophonist, vocalist, researcher, educator and composer. Dimitris has recorded 5 albums for the historic jazz label Candid Records. Awarded album of the month from BBC Music magazine and 2nd jazz album of the year from the BBC for ""Labyrinth"". This album has become the subject of study at several universities [...] Read more

Vivienne Ming

Vivienne Ming SU FACULTY - COGNITIVE NEUROSCIENCE Bio Named one of 10 Women to Watch in Tech in 2013 by Inc. Magazine, Vivienne Ming is a theoretical neuroscientist, technologist and entrepreneur. She co-founded Socos, where machine learning and cognitive neuroscience combine to maximize students’ life outcomes. Vivienne is also a visiting scholar at UC Berkeley’s Redwood Center for Theoretical Neuroscience, [...] Read more

David Roberts

David Roberts SU FACULTY - TECHNOLOGY DISRUPTION & EXPONENTIAL LEADERSHIP Bio David Roberts is one of the world’s top experts on technology disruption, innovation, and exponential leadership. His passion is to help improve the lives of a billion people in the world by helping leader’s create new intentions for global good and through technology disruption. David is a Distinguished Faculty [...] Read more

Tomas Björkman

Tomas Björkman APPLIED PHILOSOPHER AND SOCIAL ENTREPRENEUR Bio Tomas Björkman is an author and social entrepreneur with great interest in science and philosophy. He used to be an investment banker and property developer working all over Europe. He has founded several companies and organizations, including Investment Banking Partners AB. He has also served as chairman of EFG Investment Bank. Ten [...] Read more

Alex Gladstein

Alex Gladstein SU FACULTY, BLOCKCHAIN, GOVERNANCE Bio Alex Gladstein is Chief Strategy Officer at the Human Rights Foundation. He has also served as Vice President of Strategy for the Oslo Freedom Forum since its inception in 2009. In his work Alex has connected hundreds of dissidents and civil society groups with business leaders, technologists, journalists, philanthropists, policymakers, and artists to [...] Read more
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